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Rotary Joint Maier

A rotary joint is the connection between a fixed and a rotating pressure system. Any rotating system that needs to be cooled or heated therefore requires water, steam and thermal oil rotary joints. Depending on the application (pressure, temperature, medium, diameter) we offer various types:

Expansion shafts

An expansion shaft is a pneumatically expandable shaft; the core is fixed but the usable shaft diameter can be increased by expandable cams or rulers controlled by compressed air.

Safety Chuck

Depending on the type of machine, it is necessary to mount the expansion shafts using folding bearings. This can be mounted with a motor to drive the shaft or with a brake to slow it down.

Spreader rolls

Spreading mills are used to remove the folds from wound material, we find them in many sectors.

Friction shafts

Friction shafts are used in applications where several small rollers are located on one shafts.

ROBA slip-on couplings

Slip clutches are used as overload protection for machines with sprockets, gears and pulleys as well as for expensive and sensitive motors, gearboxes or machine parts.


Movable pipe systems allow 360° movement in one or more horizontal and vertical planes.