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Suspension systems and shadowboards Leenstra

Made-to-measure shadowboards for hanging up all your hygiene materials, but also for hanging up tools, electronic components, etc. In addition, we can also realise your signs. Our designs provide a personal look, your logo, your department, your mascot, a motivating slogan, in the colours, dimensions and finish you desire...


Everything is possible! Our staff design with passion and your employees will enjoy organising their equipment in this way!


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Bristle rollers

The tailor-made solution for various sectors:

  • Food industry:
    Bristle rollers can be used for cleaning or peeling food products such as vegetables, fruit, potatoes...
  • Foil and plastic:
    In the case of plastic films, the brush roller provides an efficient and gentle smoothing of creases in the film films down to the smallest corners.  

    For paper webs, too, the bristle roller is an excellent way of flattening and stabilising the fabric. 

    Thanks to the flexible bristles, the brush roller ensures optimum adaptation to the textile.
  • General cleaning:
    Cleaning of conveyor belts in all sectors.

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Some of our offers

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Industrial bristle rollers

Always custom-made, and for all sectors. Food companies, HACCP, BRC, IFS, FDA approved, detectable or not. Industry, different qualities of shafts and hair. We measure everything for you and design a technical drawing according to your wishes.

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Industrial shadowboards

A shadow board helps to give frequently used or valuable objects a place, so you can easily create order and tidiness. No more lost objects!

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Standard hygiene shadowboards

A custom-made suspension system for hygiene equipment. Keep material in the same space by using. You can also print a serial number in the shadow in case something needs to be ordered.

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Signalisation boards

In addition to our standard and industrial shadow boards, we can also realise your signs, fully customised and according to your preference of colour, size and finish.

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Detectable hygiene material

Our product range is available in up to 12 colours. This facilitates the exact allocation of once
cleaning tool to a particular stage of production, thus avoiding possible cross-contamination is prevented, which would happen if they were used "outside their colour".

We supply this material in metal detectable and x-ray version.

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Non-detectable hygiene material

Detect or not detect? The choice is yours... All materials are HACCP, BRC, IFC & FDA approved.

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ESD conductive, antistatic tools

Conductive cleaning equipment and tools to prevent sparks - more safety for your employees and products.


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PPE (personal protection equipment)

We now also have an extensive range of Personal Protection Equipment, ranging from boots and shoes to head and  knee protection. Feel free to contact us with your questions!